Most Popular Front Door Styles


The front door can be seen as the ‘face’ of your home and it can either add or detract from the overall impression people have of your property. The majority of manufacturers offer dozens of different styles and finding the right one for your home can be a difficult choice. We hope your decision is made a little easier after reading about the popular front door styles we outline below.

Asian Style

You can add Asian style flair to your front door by choosing the right materials, colors and embellishments or add Asian-inspired elements to your existing front door. A typical Asian door is made from teakwood as it is harvested in Thailand or Burma. Teakwood is very durable and does not warp when exposed to temperature fluctuations.

Colors such as blue, white, black, orange or apricot are best but this depends on the direction your front door faces. For example, a door that faces west should be gold or silver. Add a wood carving to complete the Asian look; carved pictures of courageous warriors or flame breathing dragons add a historical and mythical touch to your front door and really make it come alive.

Wood Entry Style

Homeowners will probably never fall out of love with traditional solid wood front doors because they provide that unbeatable feeling of ‘home’ that other doors simply cannot match. As well as offering security, insulation and a long life, these doors can be personalized so you can look for a design that perfectly captures the essence of your home. Look at glazing options including etched or obscure glass and add security chains, letter-plates and spy holes to complete the look.

Dutch Style

These doors are known for being open and welcoming while still offering privacy and security. Dutch split doors allow breezes and light into your home while still keeping unwanted visitors at bay. While Dutch doors have an agricultural history, they are ideal for modern living.

A Dutch door is divided into two horizontal parts and most homeowners like to keep the bottom half closed and the top half open. When the hardware is locked, the two halves act as a solid door. If you live in a warm climate, it is nice to allow a cooling breeze in while still preventing easy entry for vermin.

Craftsman Style Front Doors

The Craftsman movement strives for simplicity of form and originality. These homes are designed to create a sense of durability and beauty and when a Craftsman style front door is added to a property, the result is a strong yet stylish door. As you might expect, this type of door is fashionable for Craftsman style houses which typically have neutral color schemes. Therefore, it is a great idea to have a Craftsman style door in a brighter color such as turquoise to offer contrast.

Endless Style Options

These are some of the most popular front door styles but the list of available styles is almost endless. If you wish to improve your front door, get in touch with Finishers Unlimited and we can help you find the style that suits your home best.

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