The Difference a Little Light Can Make


Your bathroom should feel like your sanctuary. That being said, a bit of light within a sanctuary never hurt anyone, and if strategically placed, lighting can actually enhance the relaxation qualities of the space. In addition, the right decorative fixtures can bring flair and even a bit of eye candy to your bathroom as well.

Here are some popular ideas to consider for your next Monroe or Dundee bathroom remodeling project.

Different Fixtures

Add select luxurious lighting pieces to not only enhance the ambiance of the space but also add elegance. Perhaps you have an antique claw-foot tub you wish to highlight and need a bit of extra light in the space as well. Finishers Unlimited can install an elegant chandelier over the tub and intensify the interest of the room while also adding an airy freshness.

Rather than select just one style or type of lighting fixture, feature a variety of types to contribute both dimension and interest. Highlight decorative objects and findings on shelves with soft accent lighting, utilize recessed fixtures for general purposes, put in makeup lighting, and feature wall sconces and decorative hanging fixtures if more light is desired.

Artwork Lighting

Any artwork in the room should be highlighted with display lighting. The layered effect is timeless, because it upgrades the dimension and character of the space and creates a beautifully illuminated refuge for you and your family to savor.


Romantic, dreamy lighting often desired in a master bath or glitzy powder room can be obtained with the use of LEDs over iridescent lighting. Properly positioning your personally selected LED fixtures can result in dramatic differences in the mood level of the space. For instance, a bathroom that was once dated and overly bright can easily be transformed into an ambient place of solace and rest.

Back-lit Mirror

Spice up the space with a bit of Hollywood glamor and beauty by upgrading to a back-lit mirror. Finishers Unlimited can replace your dated standard mirror with a dimensional back-lit version, creating a halo effect of dramatic shadows. This upgrade brings a feeling of luxury and soft, relaxing subtlety to the space.


Add interest while also adding more light to a bathroom with beautiful, laser-cut lampshades. Your bathroom can and should be nearly as relaxing as your bedroom, particularly if the space you are recreating is the master bath. Select soft and exquisite frosted-finish shades for vanity, wall, and hanging fixtures, thus adding the desired additional light to the newly remodeled atmosphere.


Sometimes an entire bathroom remodel isn’t necessary to give the space a brand new vibe. Select a strikingly dramatic masterpiece of a lighting fixture, and allow Finishers Unlimited to transform your space into a brand new room.


If a bold statement is what you want, a modern chrome LED chandelier may be just the show-stopper you desire. The modern sleekness of a piece largely composed of steel ironically softens the streamlined bathroom, making it the perfect piece to polish off the space.

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